Days N’ Daze Onesheet For Album Review

Days N’ Daze “Show me the Blueprints Demos” out March 22nd, 2024!

Including five never released songs! The original demos from the Billboard charting “Show me the Blueprints” album! A Flail Records, Crash Assailant Records & SBÄM Records release. Vinyl pre-order March 22nd, 2024 per Flail Records (USA) & SBÄM (Europe) sites!


“For over a decade I recorded Days N’ Daze on a Tascam board through a single Sterling ST-55 with no DAW in a closet at my folks place in Houston, TX. I’ve never really known much about recording, mixing, and mastering. Always kinda just did what I could with what I had and understood to get a sound closest to what was in my head. Needless to say, flyin’ out to California to record an album for Fat Wreck Chords in an actual studio with computer screens, more than one mic, and someone who actually understands what all the little bips and bops on a soundboard mean was a pretty big step out of our comfort zone.

  John E. Carey of Old Man Markley recorded the majority of Show Me The Blueprints and I think he understood that we were all super nervous and very much unfamiliar with how studio recording works. John, Mike, and Baz were all very patient with us. Super welcoming and supportive. After we were settled in it just felt like we were back in the closet in Houston. One of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had recording music. Was so cool to have other folks, folks that have been doin’ this way longer and are way more knowledgeable than me, to bounce ideas off as well. Usually it’s just me, moored to my brand of perfectionism, recording the same guitar part ad nauseam ’til I finally make myself move on, begrudgingly, to the next instrument.

  I love how SMTB turned out. The crew over at Fat did more with those songs than I ever could have on my own. Blueprints is, by a country mile, our most polished sounding record, but I think everyone that helped us with the album understood we needed to retain a bit of the grit of our past recordings, and they did a great job with that. 

  I wanna release the demos we recorded for “Show me the Blueprints” because I just think it’s interesting to see how that record would’ve turned out if Mike hadn’t decided to help us out. You can hear the Show Me The Blueprints that exists on the timeline in which we never signed with Fat Wreck. A decidedly much less exciting timeline for us. Also, I’ve just always loved hearin’ demo versions of songs I enjoy. It’s like gettin’ to hear a tune for the first time all over again.

  So if ya give these recordings a listen please remember they were never really meant for many folks to hear ’em so I didn’t poke n prod at ’em as much as I typically would. They’re pretty rough, but they’re how I first heard ’em in my head. Hope ya enjoy seein’ the tunes that made it onto Show Me The Blueprints from a different angle, and I hope you dig the demos for the songs we didn’t end up using. We’ll have finished versions of those out with one band or another sooner than later. Thanks for takin’ a minute!! Hope you’re doin’ well!!” Jesse – Days N’ Daze

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Whitney Flynn and Jesse Sendejas formed Days N’ Daze in 2008. The Houstonians have performed world over, most recently with music released by Fat Wreck Chords.

2020’s Billboard-charter Show Me the Blueprints introduced many to “thrashgrass,” DND’s acoustic punk addressing issues like mental health and addiction but also buoyant with the ideas of family and hope. With washboardist Meagan Melancon and bassist Matt Wilhelm, NYT bestselling author Shea Serrano called DND “a goddamn menace; more violent than the Femmes, more poguesy than the Pogues” and Houston Chronicle’s Jef Rouner wrote they’re “one of a kind in a city known for inventing whole new styles of music.”

Their breakthrough, Rogue Taxidermy, logs 10 years in 2023. Noisey called it “a proverbial doctorate thesis in bloody-fanged acoustic punk…Days N’ Daze songs warrant discussion apart from any punk rock cliches.” DND’s performed at Punk Rock Bowling, FEST, Punk in Drublic and on NOFX ‘s farewell tour. The band’s been featured in SPIN, Brooklyn Vegan and more.

Flynn is a solo artist and member of My Pizza My World. Sendejas’ projects include Chad Hates George with his sister Marissa Sendejas and Escape From The Zoo featuring his wife, Veronica. That band’s Fat Wreck debut, Countin’ Cards spurred two tours with Doom Scroll.

DND nears 20 years with fans who tattoo their fishbone and stitch their logo, forming a fan base as unique as DND itself, once described by Serrano as “the most charming riot of all time.

Check out the first 15 years of Days N’ Daze music through their back catalogue with Flail Records (USA), Crash Assailant Records (USA) & SBÄM Records (Europe)!

• 145,000+ Monthly Spotify Listeners
• 130,000+ Monthly Spotify Follwers
Over Twenty Million Youtube Video Views
• 88,000+ Facebook // 44,000+ Instagram
• The Fat Records 2020 “Show Me the Blueprints” hit the Billboard charts at #71 Album Sales,  #38 Physical Current Albums, #39 Emerging Artists, #23 Vinyl Albums, & #47 Current Album Sales.
• Signed to Fat Records with back catalogue support from Flail Records, Crash Assailant Records & SBÄM Records