Holy Locust

Sophomore Album "Beneath the Turning Wheel" Out June 16th, 2023

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Holy Locust - Album Cover

About Holy Locust


Holy Locust is an American Folk band pushing the boundaries of genre and tradition. With songs ranging from the aggressive and experimental to melodic and anthemic. Their evocative group vocal harmonies ascend over dynamic rhythms and catchy melodies, while orchestral strings  pull and wail. Their genre bending sound is as at home in a listening room or theatre as it is underneath a highway overpass or punk house basement. Holy Locust’s music is a unique and at times haunting statement of defiance against the exploitation of consumer culture.

ABOUT – “Beneath The Turning Wheel”  the second full length album from New Orleans crusty folk hexad Holy Locust, is a lively expression of the anxiety, anger, and elusive hope symptomatic of living through these precarious times.  Existential and political themes wind through an aggressive and delicate soundscape adorned by orchestral strings that ascend and fall while dynamic rhythm changes give way to anthemic melodies and eerie hamonies.  BTTW reminds us we are passengers barrelling towards some unknown cataclysm many of us already being churned beneath the wheels and machinations of a few madmen or confined by devices of our own making.  It is a triumphant soundtrack for searching through strange and desolate lands to find the others willing to storm the engine and take back our lives. 

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Label: Flail Records 

Holy Locust