• Former lead singer Ian Cook of Larry and His Flask (2004-2019)
• Single "Shelter" featuring vocal appearance by Frank Turner
• Signed to Flail Records
• 5,500+ monthly Spotify Listeners - 03/06/2024
• Supported acts such as Frank Turner, Bridge City Sinners, Heartless Bastards, Pedro the Lion, Chuck Ragan, Legendary Shack Shakers, the Goddamn Gallows, Tejon Street Corner Thieves and others.
• Ian Cook, featured on the Mike Herrera's Podcast (Mike is lead singer of Mxpx)


Beyond The Lamplight is a force of nature. Hailing from Bend, OR in the heart of the high desert it’s no wonder. Their music reflects the extremes of the region’s climate. Encompassing equal parts folk, punk, rock and a touch of jazz, they’ve carved out quite a niche in a short time. Founded by former Larry And His Flask lead singer and songwriter Ian Cook, he sought to continue on with the spirit of his previous band by mixing fierce banjo picking with rock n roll guitars, soaring 3-part vocal arrangements and a hot brass section. The end result is Beyond The Lamplight. 

Along with core members, guitarist/singer Brandon Prinzing (The Old Revival), bassist/singer Devin Johnson (Amargoso) and drummer Dayne Wood (The Shining Dimes), the roaring party of a live show is complete. Known for their high energy performances and up-tempo, crowd pleasing blend of styles, Beyond The Lamplight have captivated audiences all over the region.

After signing on with Portland based Flail Records they released a self-titled EP in 2021 and a full length record entitled “Don’t Forget To Leave It All Behind” in 2023 with the lead single , “Shelter” featuring the legendary Frank Turner as a guest vocalist. This leading to a slot on Frank Turner’s own festival, Lost Evenings playing beside such acts as Chuck Ragan, Pedro The Lion and Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls in 2023. With stints opening for NW folk/punkers Bridge City Sinners and numerous headline tours of their own they show no signs of slowing down. 

Beyond The Lamplight isn’t to be missed if they happen to be burning down a barn near you. Go get swept away by the awesome nature of this incredible band.


Booking: brett@tallorderbooking.com
Contact: beyondthelamplight@gmail.com
Flail Records: contactus@flailrecords.com
Press Agent: Nick Josten – nick@jo-pr.de



"Shelter", is a song about loving another who has created a guarded existence from the outside world. A story about coaxing someone out of their shell that they hide inside of. Sharing your own strength with that person in hopes to bring them out of their shelter; their shield against the anxieties and stresses of life. Trying to show them the beauty of not only the world but also the beauty in themselves. Guest featuring vocals of Frank Turner on the bridge and backing choruses.

-About Working with Frank Turner:

“Frank’s a longtime friend. We got really close with him and the Sleeping Souls over the course of several tours throughout the years with Larry and his Flask. When I sat down and wrote Shelter it just kind of all came flowing out in one big stream. When I finished and listened back to it, I could just hear him singing it so clearly in my head. The melody just lent itself to his voice and style. So I got a hold of him and asked if he’d be into being a part of it and he was super stoked to lend his voice to the song. He banged it out in a day or so at his studio and that’s what’s on the record. It really elevated the song from a listener perspective. Having the back and forth from me to him. Playing off of each other. Total magic.” - Ian Cook, Lead Singer of Beyond the Lamplight

BBC Radio: "Who's the best support band you've ever seen?" Frank Turner: “Probably Larry & His Flask opening for me on tour a few years back. Holy Christ they are good.” -BBC RADIO Jun 21, 2018. Lead singer of Larry and His Flask is the same lead singer of Beyond the Lamplight (Ian Cook).

NEW ALBUM - "Don't Forget to Leave it All Behind"

About the Album

Don’t Forget To Leave It All Behind is a record about liberation. Finding one’s way out from under the weight of their own anxiety and fears. A triumphant call to arms that says, “Forget about your shortcomings. Forget about your failures. Forget about all the things that are holding you back from being what you’re truly meant to be.” Whether it’s the chiming chorus of “The Current” asking, “…will you swim or will you sink below?”, the sardonic swing of “Hiding In Plain Sight” stating, “…we all know how hard it is to do nothing...” or the catchy cadence of the title track, “…take a stand do what you’re here for, you are free to live your life..” the album is peppered with lessons learned and warnings against straying from the true path to positive mental health and happiness.